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Surrogacy One offers a variety of services that make the process of having a child from surrogacy arrangements a hassle-free experience.

Our team has expert knowledge in fertility laws as well as immigration laws so that we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Please visit our Services page or contact us today.

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Surrogacy One, a service of Clarus Law Group, is a niche law practice representing clients with matters related to fertility, surrogacy, and immigration law on an international scale.

We are a team of lawyers with years of experience in our respective areas of expertise. Our success rate is high resulting in satisfied clients and good working relationships with local counsel, fertility clinics and immigration authorities. Many of us are listed in the World’s most established lawyer ranking services, including Who’s Who Legal and Martindale Hubbell (AV Ratings), among others.

What makes us different from the rest?


We are qualified and experienced. Our team consists of experienced lawyers in good professional standing who have been practicing for years.   We are all regulated by the relevant legal authorities and therefore practice law with high standards.

Value for money

We offer a personalised service by experienced lawyers.  Our fees are very competitive in the market and we deliver a valuable service. We typically charge fixed fees.


We are personable and approachable. All the legal work on your case will be handled by an experienced professional, not an assistant or law clerk. We believe that since you are paying for a professional service, it should be the professional completing your work.

Creative Solutions

We pride ourselves in giving our clients results. We understand the law and go to great lengths to deliver the results you hope for. We also understand the governmental regulations and maintain a good relationship with the relevant authorities.

Positive Attitude

We work with both traditional and non-traditional families, including gay and lesbian partners, fertility patients and solo parents. We are known for our positive attitude and personal ethos.

Local Knowledge

Our team members have hands on experience with the surrogacy and immigration processes by working closely with the clinics and other service providers within their respective jurisdiction.