Legal Consultations

You may contact our office to schedule a one-time paid consultation at no further obligation. A scheduled consultation with a Surrogacy Lawyer will provide you with details and recommendations based on the specific facts of your case.

What is the value of a consultation?

We receive hundreds of queries every day via phone and email. We are happy to provide a brief discussion free of charge. But in order to give clients proper advice, we need to examine the facts of the particular case. This can only be done when you book a consultation with us.

Why do I need a consultation?

With so many Internet resources, including web blogs and chat rooms, it is possible to receive free answers easily. However, a scheduled consultation with a surrogacy expert will provide you with details and recommendations based on the specific facts of your case. In order to fully answer your questions, we would examine your case and also ask you the questions necessary to elicit facts relevant in advising you. A consultation allows us to have a dialogue with you so that we can offer alternatives that may otherwise be overlooked. We can also provide warnings to avoid potential pitfalls and mistakes.

Note: If you choose to engage our services for the matter discussed in your consultation within 30 days, the full amount of your consultation fee will be credited to the final legal fee installment applied to your case.

Telephone Consultations

This is the most popular type of consultation used at our offices. We can conveniently and efficiently consult with people located anywhere in the world. Our clients are located all over the globe.

If you would like to schedule a paid consultation to discuss your case, please contact our office today, or complete the following form and one of our lawyers will contact you to schedule your consultation at a convenient time:

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